Every person has the right to education. The transfer of knowledge is a universal social performance. The focus on people.

UNIIE (free university of informal education) is the free University of informal education. The objective is long-term communication of knowledge including fruitful and accompanying research.

More than 80% of the applied knowledge daily by an adult comes from the area of informal learning. Only 20% have been obtained in a classical education and training. UNIIE organized and structured informal learning and teaching.

UNIIE is a social sculpture and thus a social space .. UNIIE organized transfer of knowledge on campus – in the garden as possible – and in other places in Europe.

A man becomes a teacher of UNIIE if he offers the sharing of knowledge and this is requested by other people. A man becomes a learner when querying knowledge. Informal learning may not be organized by third parties, but based on a dialogue between teacher and learner self-selected. So UNIIE organized only the space that makes this dialogue possible.

UNIIE offers this occasion, so that buyers and sellers of knowledge come together. Events are lectures and workshops. This offer low proportion of time a wide space for informal learning and teaching. Every person may offer as knowledge brokers occasions and perceive as a knowledge seeker these events.

UNIIE works with donors knowledge, networks with international educational institutions and offers researchers in the field of informal learning excellent resources and educational opportunities.

The structure of UNIIE done in several steps:

Foundation – January 01, 2015
Getting quotes – from March 2015
Official start work – July 2015


Provider of knowledge to formulate their offerings here. Please first read this guide for providers.

Requester of knowledge can choose current offers here. Please first read this guide for requesters.

Do you want to research on the topic of informal learning, please use this contact.